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Everybody is invited to climb up and give a speech on the BERGKANZEL. Content, form and duration of the speech are completely open. It can be all your words or be a re-enactment of an existing speech. Once conducted, we would be delighted if you could send us a small documentation (text, audio, video or photo file) with the date of speech ( Later all documentations will be published on this website. 

Selection of speeches held on the Bergkanzel
July 3. 2016, 14 – 15h, Com&Com: Postironic Manifesto
Aug 7. 2016, 14 – 15h, Johannes M. Hedinger, curator of Art Safiental: Stay hungry, stay foolish
Sept 11. 2016, 14 – 15h, Hanna Hölling, University College London: Ursonate by Kurt Schwitters
Sept 22. 2016, 12h Urs Uttinger: Be Aware! (Seid vorsichtig)
Oct 2. 2016, 14 – 15h, Sibylle Omlin, ECAV Sierre: Voglio vedere le mie montagne
Oct 3. 2016, 14 – 15h, Martin Rüsch, Pastor at Great Minster Zürich: Mountain Speech
Oct 16. 2016, 10 – 10.30h, Thomas Gamma, Author/philosopher, Zurich: The End
Oct 16. 2016, 10.30 – 11h, Thomas Buchli, Mayor of Safiental: Thank you, Art Safiental!