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The installation BERGKANZEL (mountain pulpit) of the Swiss artist duo Com&Com (Marcus Gossolt / Johannes M. Hedinger) is part of the New Land Art – Exhibition ART SAFIENTAL (June 26 – July 2 2016) and was created in the frame of the first Alps Art Academy in collaboration with experts from the valley. BERGKANZEL is located litterary “Z’Hinderst” (at the very end of Safien Valley), attached to the cliff next to the waterfall. This accessible structure not only invites the visitor to linger and enjoy the view, but also to perform a speech directed to the world, to nature or to other beings. This can happen spontaneously or by invitation (see Program). This website collects and documents some of the speeches and extending the temporality of the artwork both spatially and socially. The participatory art work challanges the historical term Land Art as well as open new perspectives for a New Land Art, including other media forms and social practices.


Location: Z’Hinderst (Thalkirch) – GPS 46.595560, 9.287958
60 min from Turrahus, 40 min from Wanna – Art Hiking Map (download)
Interaction with the artwork is at your own risk